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About Me

Hate having my own photo taken so don't be too disappointed. 


Born and raised in Halifax. Middle child in a family with eight kids (6 boys and 2 girls). Originally, working in the Health Care field as  a psychiatric nurse but left and went to Mount Saint Vincent University to pursue Business Administration. Dabbled at painting for a year and sold a couple but stopped for over 20 years. Got hooked on computers and worked for many years as a trainer, Director of Learning Services and finally as Director of Project Management for an IT company. Started painting again in 2012. Previously, I have no formal training but recently started art classes. I now preferring  Watercolours and Acrylics but will occasionally try other art forms. Also, as a professional photographer I use my photos of for my inspiration and sometimes keep them as photos. 

Look at what nature has to offer, I mean really look. See the beauty in the simple things. Peoples faces are amazing, they wear their joy, sadness, peacefulness. Take the things you see and if possible share them with others through art.